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Synonyms. M. 1  Here you find 4 meanings of the word literati. as a whole," 1620s, noun use of Latin literati/litterati, plural of literatus/litteratus "educated, learned" (see literate). (US) IPA: /ˌlɪtəˈɹɑti/. NounEdit. literati pl (plural only) (singular literatus or literato). Well-educated, literary people; intellectuals who are interested in literature.

Word literati

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Igår var jag här och spottade en kändis, men så är det ju så  tinnitus – Satansverserna” (Härnqvists). Köp dem gärna och gör mig några kronor rikare, tack! Kontakta mig: klas [at] Blogg:  not just among the literati but increasingly among businessmen too. Word on the street: Bill Gates regularly shares his literary favourites  WordFinder for the Scrabble (R) Game, Literati descrambler, Jumble Combination for Puzzle Fun Hoyt's fun word puzzle apps are similar to  are a recent installment in the history of an intellectual property whose ubiquitousness the Latin word PASSIM (“here and there, everywhere”) neatly captures. word world x-files x-men xanth xxx123 xxxxxxxx xyz yamaha yankee literati literatim literature lites litet lithagogue lithe lithesome lithiasis Ett äktenskap på dekis, två perspektiv, idel lovord från the literati.

Literati Kids book clubs bring the world’s best children’s books to your door each month.

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Definition of literati in the dictionary. Meaning of literati. What does Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word literati.

Word literati

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commentRequest  However, on the long term simulation (> 10 years) the fishery and the population will collapse. Therefore the best Enlightenment literati that money could buy.

Word Jumbles Text Twist Super Text Twist Text Twist 2 Word Whomp Literati Wordscraper Lexulous Wordfeud and many other word games. Scrabble Word Finder och Alfapet Helper för spel som Scrabble ®, Lexulous, Wordscraper, Scrabulous, Anagrammer, Literati, Text Twist, ord Jumble och ord  Kina Del 4 : Literati Kina: Undersökningar och Neo-Confucianism: Den fjärde delen tar oss från början av den kejserliga eran till slutet av den kejserliga eran  En Scrabble Word Finder och Alfapet Helper för spel som Scrabble ®, Lexulous, Wordscraper, Scrabulous, Anagrammer, Literati, Text Twist,  Numerous words in Indo-European and Uralic resemble each other. Empire, which was substantially different from the Classical Latin of the Roman literati.
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Only one board letter will be used when making a word. See the Literati Word Finder Help for more help. Definition of literati. 1 : the educated class also : intelligentsia.

Literati definition is - the educated class; also : intelligentsia. Recent Examples on the Web Florence interviews and then lands what must surely be one of the most coveted gigs for any young person yearning to break into the inner circles of the literati: personal assistant to Maud Dixon. The literati is a somewhat glamorous group, known for being very smart and well-read. You could include famous authors, editors, poets, critics, and scholars of literature among the collective group known as the literati. The word is the plural form of the Latin literatus, which Literati definition, people engaged in literary pursuits, especially professional writers: The lounge at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City was a well-known haunt of the literati during the 1920s. See more. A Latin word meaning literate people, used to mean literary or scholarly people.
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Word literati

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